Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“Make BMTC sustainable, people-centered and choice mode of travel for everyone”

The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation is the sole public bus transport provider for Bengaluru, serving urban, sub-urban and rural areas. BMTC is committed to provide quality, safe, reliable, clean and affordable travel. The testimony of its success lies in increasing passenger trips everyday by a wide range of customer base. In an effort to modernize its services for commuter comfort, BMTC strives to strengthen information systems and improve processes through introduction of intelligent technology solution, make capacity enhancement through infrastructure development, user-friendly interchange facilities, fleet upgradation and augmentation, apart from its core activities, which includes fare structuring, route network optimization, planning and monitoring. BMTC reaches far and wide, in every nook and corner of the city, making public transport an attractive travel choice for everyone. BMTC’s stronghold in the area of public transport in Bengaluru is a testimony to its adoption of sound Management, HR, Quality and Environmental policies and strong support from the Government of Karnataka and esteemed passengers.

Our Mission

  1. Provide people-centered (quality, efficient, integrated and safe) services
  2. Commuter responsive service planning and promotion
  3. Optimize resources and build capacity
  4. Adopt environment-friendly and sustainable practices
  5. Strengthen commuter feedback mechanism
  6. Modernize and maintain zero breakdown fleet
  7. Evolve effective mechanism to monitor service performance
  8. Conduct safety training, performance audits and awareness for stakeholders
  9. Increase commercial revenue through monetizing land, buildings & buses
  10. Increase efficiency in operations and administration 
  11. Ensure inter-agency coordination and multi-modal integration
  12. Formulate and enforce police measures for sustainability of the service provision
  13. Implement Intelligent Transport System to improve the quality of service
  14. Extend travel concession to the weaker sections of the society
  15. Act as an agent for cultural synthesis and national integration
  16. Promote research on urban transport



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